Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use the scholarship to the school of my choosing?

 Answer - We are a Christian based organization and award scholarships to be used at schools that believe and promote Christian values and doctrine.

Is the scholarship based on income alone?

Answer - No. Our vision is to grow disciples for the His Kingdom. We are willing to help those in need, but scholarships are based on grades, attitude, personality, desire to succeed, future endeavors, as well as financial circumstances.

Do I have to pay any part of the scholarship back?

Answer - The Gatekeepers scholarship is paid for by donations and does not have to be paid back. Sometimes there is a financial responsibility for the parent depending on the amount of the scholarship. Some scholarships do not pay 100% depending on the cost of tuition or the amount the student qualifies for.

Besides tuition, are there any hidden costs that may arise?

Answer - Most Christian and Private schools have additional costs that are to paid throughout the school year. The Gatekeepers scholarship pays for tuition only. You may run into book fees, technology fees, lab fees, etc. 

Can I use this scholarship along with others that I may qualify for?

Answer - Yes, in fact we encourage you to apply for any financial aid that is available. Our goal is build His Kingdom, that includes ensuring that Christian schools receive 100% of the tuition that is due to them. 

Who determines which students qualify for this scholarship?

Answer - All decisions are made at the discretion of the Gatekeepers of Destiny Board of Directors. Approvals are based on numerous factors including, but not limited to, funds available for distribution.